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Hardware Inspector

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Computer inventory software to automate IT department work

Premium solutions for IT asset management. Planning, acquisition, asset inventory, maintenance, computer audit and disposition – the list of features can go on and on.

Our products are vitally important for:

  • IT Department Managers;
  • System Administrators;
  • Service Desk staff;
  • Supporters and Technicians.

Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server are multi-functional software which tackle every aspect of computer asset management.

Hardware Inspector Service Desk is a web-interface for effective users-supporter communication.

Hardware Inspector Hardware Inspector Client/Server Hardware Inspector Service Desk  

Hardware Inspector

Hardware Inspector Client/Server

Hardware Inspector Service Desk (web-interface)

Why computer inventory?

Hard to keep track of your IT assets? Suffer from employee theft? Not sure what expendables are to be purchased this month? The answers for these and other critical questions you can find using our products.

Why Hardware Inspector?

  • Our solutions cover various aspects of IT management.
  • Detailed hardware management.
  • Software licenses management.
  • Computer audit to reveal slightest deviations in computer configurations.
  • Ability to build a database of hundreds of computers in several steps.
  • History of asset transfers, maintenance, servicing and inventory sessions.
  • Planning and inventory of expendables.
  • Full-scale ServiceDesk: built-in and web-oriented.
  • Barcode inventory and complete reports on inventory progress and results.
  • Multilevel access permission: access to program features, workplaces tree nodes and device types.
  • Network connections management.
  • A large variety of built-in reports. Customization options with the help of the Visual Designer: “Summary list of devices”, “Capability of workplaces”, “Network equipment”, “Services performed”, “Maintenance schedule”, “Demand for expendables”, “Inventory results”, “IP addresses”
  • A single database for organizations with a ramified structure.
  • Strong team and intensive development.
  • Easy deployment and work.