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Hardware Inspector

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Software for IT-department automation

Our products are designed for automated inventory of hardware and software in organizations of any size. Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server have a huge number of features indispensable for any IT  pro. They are are computer audit, barcode inventory, powerful search tools, built-in Service Desk, multiple report options, etc. Our programs combine a unity of opposites: easy deployment and practically unlimited opportunites for inventory.They are known for

  • high speed,
  • available prices,
  • user-friendly interface.

Computer inventory

Hardware Inspector

  • is an effective tool kit for computer hardware and software inventory;
  • keeps detailed data on every asset;
  • is the best choice for small organizations;
  • has everything to make IT department work more computer aided.


The application runs on OS Windows. The database can be on the file server. Multiuser work with the database is in file mode via LAN.

Computer inventory Client-Server

Hardware Inspector Client/Server

  • is a computer hardware and software management tool set;
  • provides a single database for branch offices;
  • has a high speed of work,
  • takes little traffic;
  • has original inside-solution, which doesn't require expensive SQL-servers and painstaking tuning.


Server application and client application run on OS Windows.

Service Desk

Hardware Inspector Service Desk

Web interface for working with requests submitted to the IT department. It is integrated with either Hardware Inspector or Hardware Inspector Client/Server.
It is end-user orientented, but can be used by supporters as well.


Server application works under Internet Information Server + ASP.NET. The client part is an internet browser.

SysInfo Detector Pro

SysInfo Detector Pro

This application is designed to gather information of your computer configuration. It allows you to detect your hardware devices, their type, model, and other information, even if the system has no drivers. This is possible not only thanks to collecting of the information from the Windows registry, but also thanks to interrogating the devices directly in hardware.


The application runs on OS Windows.