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We are committed to provide our customers the best support we can.

Requests submitted via Helpdesk are given top priority. If you have questions or suggestions, mail them to . Our products are developed intensively, and we are eager to know what is your opinion about them. We would also like to know you wishes or ideas about computer inventory.

Attention! Due to some imperfections in spam-blocking filters the latter may not let our letters in. We answer all your letters. If you have not got an answer within a working day, it has probably been blocked by your anti spam system. In this case, send your letter once again and leave some alternative contacts (telephone number, ICQ, etc.).
It is most desirable that registered users forward their requests via Helpdesk. It solves the problem of undelivered messages and has a number of other advantages, i.e., user-supporter correspondense, attachments, etc.

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Technical support is carried out via e-mail and Helpdesk. Priority is given to registered users who prolong their update subscription.

Before you contact us we recommend you to get familiar with the Help section.