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Hardware Inspector

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SysInfo Detector is designed to gather information of your computer configuration. It allows you to detect your hardware devices, their type, model, and other information, even if the system has no drivers.

Complete information about the devices obtained at the hardware level, rather than just reading the registry Windows. .

Regular updating of the application's built-in database of device models and manufacturers.

Key Features Of Sysinfo Detector

Detailed information about the configuration of your computer
Information on all the devices installed on your computer, ranging from the motherboard, and ending with the USB-connected devices. The model name, manufacturer, serial number, and so on.

Definition of device models
Definition of model of PCI/AGP/PCI-X/PCI-E/USB/Display devices by references.

Information about the serial number of the device
Displays the serial numbers of memory modules, motherboards, hard drives, processors, USB-devices, monitors, and other equipment.

Additional separation of detected USB devices by type
USB devices are defined as basic types, such as a printer, MFP, keyboard, mouse, and so on. Devices that can not be assigned to the main types, set type "USB device", but thus determined possibly subtype USB device by its functional purpose.

Information about deviations
Displays information about current or potential problems in the functioning of your computer.

List of installed software
A list of all installed programs on your computer. This allows to establish control over the software used in the workplace.

Software licenses, operating system settings, and a list of running processes
Determined license (registration) data on software products installed on your computer, the basic parameters of the operating system, installed printers, information about network connections, a list of running processes, and so on.

The sensors supply voltage, temperature and fan components
Displays sensor data obtained from different types of devices — processors, hard drives, video cards.

Creating a user adjustment of background information on device and sending it to developer
In the case where the manufacturer name and model name of the model, that program defined under the directory is different from the actual items in order to make adjustments to the user data base has the ability to form corrections (adjustments) and hand them over to developers to make changes directly in the device database.

Report generation on a computer configuration to a file Pro edition only
To analyze the configuration of computers on the network, you can use the report file generated by the program SysInfo Detector Pro.

Compatibility reports with computer accounting programs Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server Pro edition only
Hardware Inspector has the ability to import information from reports generated by the program SysInfo Detector Pro.

Starting the program from the command line Pro edition only
For the collection of computers in a network can be used start generating reports from the command line, such as domain logon script.

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