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Hardware Inspector

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Hardware Inspector

Hardware Inspector

  • Computer inventory solution to automate IT department work.
  • Multi-user access to a single database on the server.
  • One license for any number of computers within the local area network of an organization (One license per a local area).

Client/Server description

Hardware Inspector Client/Server

  • Computer inventory solution to automate IT department work.
  • Client-server technology. Access to a single database from any point in the world.
  • A license is granted to a number of concurrent connections. There are 4 types: Lite (up to 15 workplaces), Standard (up to 50 workplaces), Pro (up to 200 workplaces) and Elite (number of workplaces unlimited)

Servicedesk description

Hardware Inspector Service Desk

SysInfo Detector description

SysInfo Detector Pro

  • Detailed analysis of the computer's configuration.
  • Identification devices without markings.
  • Lets you view the list of installed software, updates, and running processes.
  • Reports on the configuration are compatible with computer's accounting software Hardware Inspector or Hardware Inspector Client/Server.

Note: If you can not make up your mind what product to choose, we advice you take a look at the Features Comparison Table.