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Hardware Inspector

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Computer inventory

Hardware Inspector Client/Server is aimed at automated computer inventory. It reports the status of your equipment and helps you plan its maintenance and update.

Hardware inspector Client/Server is a clever inside decision that contributes a lot to safety of assets against theft or unauthorized substitution. Thorough PC configuration control provides freedom and efficiency when you plan to update or redistribute devices across your organization.

Key Features

Client-Server Technology
Allows to work with a single database on a local network as well as to link to the server from branch offices via the Internet. It is proves to be data damage-safe, high-speed and extra breach secure.

Detailed Software Inventory
Each license acquires a specification identifying its purchase details, parameters and transfer history among workplaces.

Fully Featured Service Desk
Provides close monitoring of support requests submitted to the IT-department. It keeps track user supporter correspondence, attached files and the like.

Monitoring Expendables
Keeps track of expendables issued to and from the storage place, which is very useful when planning expected demand on a statistical basis.

Data Presentation in Tree View
Presents data in tree: tree of departments and workplaces, map tree, tree of devices , etc. All trees are built using hierarchical pattern. For example, a motherboard belongs to a chassis, a CPU to the motherboard, etc.

Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance
Keeps a record of maintenance of devices and workplaces. All facts stored as well as close integration with requests and device histories help to make an impartial and objective assessment of performed work in no time at all.

Barcode Inventory
Possesses several features to make inventory sessions as easy and painless as possible: barcode scanner support, an inventory module that can turn your laptop into a portable data terminal, inventory status reports and history. Besides, barcoding there are four other options for asset inventory.

Computer Hardware Audit
Compares the database data with the data in system information reports and finds all deviations: missing devices, updated network parameters and what not. It has improved mechanisms for unambiguous device identification, data import and processing.

Network connections
Plans and makes an inventory of network connections within organizations.

Detailed Asset History
Traces asset maintenance and transfers among workplaces. Each event enters history of a device or a licence.

Three Options for Data Input
Imports data from system information reports generated by ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST(Corporate Edition) or AIDA32. It can save you the trouble of inputting much data manually. System information tools can read low-level information about your hardware, identifying device model, manufacturer and its web address, production date, serial number and other technical parameters described by the manufacturer. Also, data can be imported from a CSV file. Otherwise all data can be entered manually.

A Large Variety of Built-in Reports
Presents a large number of built-in reports: Device specification, Workplace specification, License specification, List of Inventory numbers, List of IP addresses, List of devices, Services performed, etc. The reports can be exported into PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office and other formats. There is a built-in report designer to help you customize your report templates as well as create your own.

Data Search Tools
Searches data with the help of various filters, i.e. by devices, licenses or expendables. Besides, there is the Database query feature for a more flexible data search.

Flexible Data Access Permission
Restricts access at three levels: access to program features, to workplaces tree nodes and device types. For instance, users branch offices can be denied access to the main office.

Multiuser Access to the Database
Ensures concurrrent connections to a single database on the file server.

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