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Client-server technology

Our client-server solution is a considerable improvement of computer, license and request inventory. From now on, the branches of your organization can work within a single information space via the Internet.

Built-in traffic compression, receive-data caching on client side, semaphore system to optimize data update in forms - all these factors provide high program speed even via a slow connection.

Client-server technology is known to be safe against database damage usually caused by a power or link failure. This technology can also guarantee top information security.

Finally, large-scale enterprises with a ramified structure can benefit a lot from Hardware Inspector Client-Server as it provides a unified transparent hardware and software inventory on the global level. As far as we know there is no analogue of this solution among other computer inventory software, and it can be called a real breakthrough.

Our solution consists of two Windows application - a server application and a client application.

Client application

Client application works under Windows. To connect to the server application, you need to indicate the IP address, server port and unique server code.

Connection to the server

Server application

Server application works under Windows computer that has the database folder.

The server application does not require additional software like MS-SQL or MySQL. It is an independent inside solution optimized for this particular task. Our approach provides high efficiency and data safety.

Server status