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Hardware Inspector

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Barcode Inventory

Hardware Inspector Client/Server has several features which make it especially effective for barcode inventory: barcode scanner support, a free program module that can work without access to database.

You may use either manufacturer's barcodes or a unique barcode generated by Hardware Inspector. Barcode labels can be printed either to a common A4 laser printer or a special barcode printer. A built-in designer can help you customize asset labels, adding a logo and other relevant information.

There is a number of options for unambiguous device identification: devices can be identified by barcode, sticker, inventory number, serial number or specification number. The number is either typed in the input box manually or the scanner reads the barcode on the device, and the device enters the "Inventoried" list. The devices not inventoried remain in the "Not inventoried" list.

Workplace Inventory

If an inventory session reveals that a device is not in the workplace it is assigned to, the device enters the "Registered in another workplace" list.

Registered in the other workplace

Then the other workplace will start  "Found in another workplace" list to show that a certain device is missing and needs to be transferred to the other workplace in the database.

Found in the other workplace

The inventory session progress and results are displayed in the "Inventory Session Status" report.

Inventory Session Status

Each device has its inventory history records. Hardware Inspector Client/Server is first of all aimed at computer inventory, but the solution flexiblity allows barcode inventory of any assets.

Inventory History