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Computer Hardware Audit

Computer audit is a special tool for checking computer configurations on demand. It compares the database data with the data in system information reports. To make the procedure fully automated, you need to launch a system information tool (EVEREST, ASTRA32) from the domain script and store reports on the server. Thus, you will have up-to-date reports on workplaces.

computer configuration reports

Workplace audit reveals all deviations in report data from the database data: missing devices, updated network settings and the like. Results are categorized into:
New devices — devices not registered in the database.
Identified devices — devices in the report that have matches in the current workplace. Identification procedure includes checking for model name and hardware serial number.
Registered in another workplace — devices in the report that have matches in the database in another workplace. This can happen if the report file is outdated.
Found in another workplace — devices in the report that have matches in the database. They are registered in the current workplace, but found in the report assigned to another workplace. This can happen either if the report file is outdated or if one report is assigned to two workplaces.
Missing in the report — devices registered in the current database, but missing in the report.

Audit result

Resulting data is presented in a tree view which you can customize by selecting aspects you want to audit. You can fine-tune your audit tool by creating import rules.

Workplace Audit

Workplace audit not only reveals all deviations, but provides everything to eliminate them. Directly from the result list, new devices can be imported, those registered in another workplace — transferred to the current workplace. Moreover, Workplace Audit has a couple of extra features, which make it superior to Import Basket. First of all, import tabs are automatically opened in a correct sequence. Secondly, custom import rules can help you fully automate device import which might be necessary due to the lack of strict standards for writing low-level data in devices. Finally, you can process as many devices as necessary in one operation.

Device importing