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Hardware Inspector

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Our background is in IT. Hardware Inspector was born out of a desire to turn our "field" experience into an effective IT tool.

Company Priorities

We have been developing Hardware Inspector for more than 21 years. It has matured and become a famous and popular product for computer inventory. Testimonials, articles, forums, and over 2000 clients are a living proof that Hardware Inspector is a blessing to IT pros.

Our highest priority is customers' interests. We develop our programs following the mainstream of user requests and do our best to keep our response time short.

We understand the needs of corporate clients and make sure the quality of our support remains high. There are several support options: helpdesk, e-mail, and online chat. More over, tech support is provided by developers themselves!


We bend every effort to develop the Hardware Inspector products. Our task is to make work in IT departments fully automated.

We constantly work to develop and enhance product features: beta versions, available for registered clients, are released several times a month, official versions - several times a year. And we don't plan to stop!

Our Team

At present there is a solid team of pros consisting of programmers, a designer, a marketing specialist and a huge army of beta-testers. We aim to provide support within 24 hours, because it proves to be a key to success - yours and ours.

If necessary, some aspects of development are delegated to outsource companies. We have long-term relations with firms that render services to developers. We are ready to make every effort to assist you at your work.